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Society & Cultural Background of Gujarat

The state of Gujarat in India is known for its rich culture. The additional effect of modernization which led to vast growth of Gujarat as an industrial hotspot attracts investor from all over the world. However modernization does not seem to whither the cultural ethics and beliefs of Gujarat and is considered as an integral part of the system. Rather it inculcates the rapid urbanization keeping cultural aesthetics in place.

The culture of Gujarat which dates back to the early age is still prevalent in the society amid the rapid progress of Globalization.
The ‘Gujaratis’ – a common term used to denote people from Gujarat are very much warm and friendly in nature. Famous for their traditional dresses which emanates color and joy indicates the nature of a Gujarati. Owing to the long tradition of rich culture which dates back early in civilization, the state of Gujarat is famous for architectural presence that even draws a large number of tourist every year.

Gujarati Wedding Services means a great celebration of rituals and customs. The people of Gujarat are known for their colorful customs and rituals. Be it marriage or other celebrations are perform various rituals according to their tradition. Being religious Gujaratis celebrate lots of fairs and festivals throughout the year. Marriage is one of the most important events for Gujaratis and they celebrate and solemnize this event as an extravagant affair. From folk dance to traditional attires all become a main part of Gujarati wedding

Wedding Culture & Customs of Gujarati Community

Gujarati wedding ceremonies begin with offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and seeking his blessings. Like any other traditional Indian wedding, Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies follow it.

Jaimala or flower garlands are exchanged between the bride and the groom twice. First time, the groom is on a higher platform than the bride, while, the second time, they are at an equal level.

 In the Madhuparka ceremony, the groom's feet are washed and he is given honey and milk to drink. While the ceremony is on, the bride's sisters attempt to steal the groom's shoes, known as 'Juta Churai'. The groom who seeks to have his shoes back handsomely rewards them for this later.
One of the most important wedding rituals is Kanya Daan in which the bride's father washes the groom's feet and gives his daughter's hand to him hoping that he will take good care of her.

The bride is considered to be a form of Goddess Laxmi and the bridegroom is considered to be Lord Narayan. Hasta Milap ceremony involves the tying of the groom's shawl to the bride's sari. The tying of knot and the joined hands of the couple are emblematic of the meeting of the two hearts and souls. The family and relatives sprinkle rose petals and rice grains on them.
Pheras come next and are rounds that the couple takes around the sacred fire, as the priest chants mantras. Saptapadi are the seven steps that the married couple walks together and takes seven vows. Then, the couple seeks the blessings of their parents and other elders. This marks the conclusion of the wedding ceremony and is followed by a reception party. In the Vidaai ceremony, the bride bids farewell to her parents, friends and relatives and both of them part moving towards their home, with a new life awaiting them.

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